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Puerto Rico
What we do:
Rubberband, LLP is a transformation design studio where professionals of diverse backgrounds are combined to tackle solutions with design services. All Rubberband's projects include research to identify how to approach the client's problem through design. This means that Rubberband's solutions are contextualized (anchored) in the reality of the client's company, its employees and their users. The approaches are user-center and user-experience methodologies. In able to offer cost-effective and evidence based cross and inter cultural design.
How we work:
Rubberband's team includes designers from diverse disciplines and as well other practices such as social psychology. Is a design firm that provides integrated solutions and guaranteed to the needs and requirements of its clients to achieve their growth in a sustainable manner. The design firm focuses on human-centered and iterative methodology applied to complex problems. We have among our clients: health professionals, pharmaceutical companies, museums, sports leagues, artists, and mid size businesses.
A shift in the design paradigm:
Contemporary design has changed to a more transdisciplinary and user centered practice. It has become less craft focused, less-expert driven and more evidence based. These changes allow for participatory co-creation and research with the people the design is intended to. Rubberband, LLP are facilitators that can produces new knowledge of how the client's organization can improved their operation. As well Rubberband 's research findings are articulated in solutions in the areas of service design, participatory design, concept design, information design, industrial design, graphic design, systems design, interactive design, experience design, exhibition design among others.
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